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If you are looking to travel from the United States to Europe for under $300 round trip, the time is now! It is pretty amazing how cheap this deal is for round trip flights. We are always looking out for the best deals on flights and this is definitely one of the best we’ve seen in a while. If you’re wondering how to travel cheap, here is the trip for you. We have found round trip flights to Barcelona, Spain from a few major U.S. cities including Boston, New York City, and San Francisco starting at $252.

Right now, you can get a round trip flight from Boston to Barcelona, Spain between $252-$256 on a few select dates for a week of travel.

You can travel nonstop from Boston to Barcelona between February 1 and February 8 for $256 round trip on Iberia. We’ve gone international a few times for under $400 but this deal is super cheap. If you’re itching to travel and go abroad, now is the time. Book your flight with us today and travel to Spain and back for around $250 round trip.

You can travel nonstop from Boston to Barcelona between March 19 and March 26 for $252 round trip on Iberia.

You can travel nonstop from Boston to Barcelona between April 4 and April 10 for $256 round trip on Iberia.

My fiance and I have always said that traveling is extremely important. We will always make more money but we will not get more time back in our lives. Travel while you can especially when the deals are as amazing as these ones. Barcelona is an absolutely incredible city and you will not regret your trip one bit! Book your flights with us today by going to our home page or by clicking our link here.

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