Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday. We hope you are having a wonderful day. As some of you may know, my fiance and I have a very special place in our hearts for Switzerland and we always will. I asked my fiance to marry me in Switzerland and that moment will live on forever with us. My friend Mike Perea is an incredible photographer and captures many photos and videos in his YouTube channel. Check out his video below from his last trip to Switzerland and let us know what you think. Subscribe to his YouTube page after you watch this video and check out the rest of his awesome footage.

Mike will be traveling a lot throughout the first half of this year and has plans to travel to Switzerland again, as well as Rome, Argentina, and Chile. He is an incredible photographer and has awesome videos and should be followed on all forms of social media. Click the links below to check out his amazing work.

His YouTube Channel is: Mike Perea Photography

His IG handle is: @mikepereaphotography

His FB Page is: Mike Perea Photography

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